Eliminating the Work from Paperwork

Teachers across the nation struggle with keeping an overwhelming number of papers organized.  Whether you teach kindergarten or high school, you no doubt have piles that need to be kept and dealt with at a later date, but no one systems works for everyone.  The trick is the find the system that works for you.  Here is a list of my favorite ideas, tips, and hacks for keeping student work to be graded and copies of worksheets for upcoming lessons in easy to find systems.  Our class time is so valuable for wasting time sorting through piles and our family time is too important to lose anytime to shifting papers around the dining room table.  Hope you find a solution that works for you!

My personal system is a combination of several strategies.

  • First, I keep one tub for each day of the week that is large enough to hold 8.5 x 11 paper flat.  I like a tub without a lid so that it can hold more than paper.  As a prep a unit I can put in student copies of papers, manipulatives for math lessons, and supplies for science labs.
  • To keep my units organized I use a binder for each unit with a pocket divider in the front that holds task cards and game pieces.
  • To eliminate papers piles wating to be graded I hightly recommend grading smarter, grade them while you are sitting at the teacher table.  This has multiple benefits.  First, you are not trying to track them down to grade later. Second, it keeps kids focused because they know they can’t leave your table until it’s finished. Third, and most beneficial, the students get immediate feedback.  Reteaching and additional practice happens right away.  Finally, I can hand it back right away and have the student file it their take home folder saving me from spending my time to do that later. I know some of you are thinking about homework, which is a topic for another day but I assign very little and don’t take more than a completion grade on it.
  • For those papers that can’t be graded immediately, I keep one tray.  My rule is that it has to be empty by Friday or I have to put some of it in the “special file” (a.k.a. the trash can).  No one has ever asked me for a paper that went to the special file!
  • For graded papers, I use a file box with a folder for each child, in alphabetical order and quickly file those for kids to take home at the end of the day or week.

Here are a few more creative ways to think about paper management from other amazing teachers!

Using drawers

Using craft boxes

Using Technology

For Middle School


The Wonder of a Box

A friend of mine just replaced her dishwasher and refrigerator, but the educator in me was way more excited about the boxes that the appliances came in. Especially with the open-ended days of summer ahead of us. The boxes hold all the potential in the world to take kids on limitless adventures.

One of my favorite activities for boxes came from a youtube video called Caine’s Arcade. It’s the true story of Caine, a little boy who turned the boxes from his dad’s auto parts store into games for people to play, and the inspired adult who wanted to celebrate Caine’s creativity. My co-teacher and I loved the idea so much that we took some time after standardized testing to let our students explore their creativity and do some open-ended problem solving to create a 3rd and 4th grade cardboard arcade. Some of those students are now in high school and recall that as a favorite memory of their time in my class. I’ve posted the lesson plans for the arcade as a freebie for the month of June.

What else could students do with a box? Here is a very incomplete list. Add to it in the comments with your favorite creative uses for a box:

  • Build an arcade game
  • Make a time machine
  • Make a reading nook
  • Life-size gingerbread house
  • Build a car
  • Fly it like a plane
  • Play astronaut and spaceship
  • Slide on it down a hill
  • Use it for painting a masterpiece
  • Build an ark for stuffed animals
  • Build a castle
  • Turn it into a mini man-cave
  • Set up business as a food-truck
  • Make it into an igloo
  • Make a Halloween costume
  • Build a robot