The Wonder of a Box

A friend of mine just replaced her dishwasher and refrigerator, but the educator in me was way more excited about the boxes that the appliances came in. Especially with the open-ended days of summer ahead of us. The boxes hold all the potential in the world to take kids on limitless adventures. One of my […]

Managing Water Bottles

My favorite hack this year was, by far, for water bottle storage. I’ve spent so much time telling my students to put water bottles away when they were supposed to be paying attention, watching spills ruin papers and send me back to the copier for replacements, and listening to the popping of lids as they […]

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Hi! I am a teacher, author, professional development facilitator, and curriculum-nerd! I love helping educators boost student engagement and keep learning fun. I also love meeting people, so reach out anytime with your questions or comments.


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